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The Face of a Mass Murderer


Around 90 people on a youth camp was systematically shot dead just a short while after at least one huge bomb had detonated in a government building in central Oslo, Norway.

Survivors from the youth camp testifies that the killer shot all victims at least twice in order to ensure they were dead. Other witnesses testify that there were more than one shooter on the island.

One person has been arrested, as a suspect in both attacks.

From BBC News:

And CNN:

This was awefull!!! I hate to see mankind sink yet another feet into the ground >.> we're almost drowning people, in our own despair that is!!!!

He says he plans to go to court and explain himself. I am interested as to what posible excuse he can have for this.

There truley are no words to voice how this makes me feal. Killing of inocent children.... I am literaly fuming.

I know threats are not permited here, but I will say this. Many of us have engaged in various experiments over the web, Most of those experiments are now and will remain private...... If one neads a lab rat and if a name and a photo is enough ..... well..... I dont believe I must say anymore.

  He will most likely claim (since it was a political camp) that the children were being mind washed and, before they could be completely corrupted, he was forced to free them from a life of blah blah blah.  The mentally imbalance always have some half assed reason for what they do which only makes perfect sense to them.


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