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Investigating Detective was the Ripper?

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Jose Luis Abad, a Spanish expert on handwriting, claims in his new book that Frederick Abberline, Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, was Jack the Ripper.

Read more about this in Mail Online:

People claim anything in books, but its an interesting read. What would be really weird here, is chief of police knowing how to perform surgery.

also, i wonder what he would say to theories of Shakespeare's identity then  :roll:

This was really quite intresting. Abberline does match the description given by witnesses (although a number of men would). The issue I have is this man using the "Maybrick" diary. I happen to agree the diary is a hoax. What I find most compelling is that Scotland Yard is fighting to keep certain Ripper files secret after over 100 years. As for him knowing how to perform surgery, actual skill wouldn't be to necessary for most of the removals plus as a member of the police he would have attended numerous autopsies so he would have some basic idea if no actual practice. Very, very intresting theory.

Abberline would also know (as a police chief should) the methods for dealing with a crime scene in those days and take counter measures, along with having a good idea when patrols would be by. Not that either one was difficult, exactly-but it is an interesting idea.

Does anyone know what his motive was? He had to have had some twisted reason. Other cops would probably have noticed if this guy was the type to kill 5 people for no reason, let alone cut them open like that.


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