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Investigating Detective was the Ripper?

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Thanks countess, it's an interesting class. A little depressing though, having a better idea about just how many people are either active or potential serial killers/ mass murderer's, and so on.  :-(

I would think everyone would be a potential killer, but again could just be my paranoia peeking out again.

It's probably a safe bet that most people has given or will give murder some thought. Just most aren't willing to act on it.

True, but not in that sense. Most people would kill for a reason (Personal gain, revenge, ect.) Serial killer types (generally) have an odd, arbitrary set of standards that they choose who to kill off of, depending on the individual.
Some kill for fun/ pleasure, others because of some weird belief system-pick your brand of crazy, and I'm sure you can find someone who's killed for it.

Well of course, but even then (fun, ritualistic, etc), isn't it still technically personal gain? Pleasure is self satisfying, ritualistic is normally to gain the good graces of something/someone, and I'm sure you could find personal gain in any other type. Even the crazies kill to satisfy something within themselves.


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