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Investigating Detective was the Ripper?

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I understand that that is the way people view it, but a good person can come from the worst home imaginable, and a bad person from the best home imaginable. It's all about what a person decides to take from their experiences. I've seen people receive all the love, compassion, and support they needed (and then some) but they became a cold-blooded person, attempting to make themselves the victim in all situations. And no, there was no dark secret going on behind the curtains. Meanwhile, I've seen someone come from a terrible home. A place where they were viewed as such a low piece of scum, where they were told by their own parents how much of a mistake they were, yet they became one of the nicest people I know. Its not about nature vs nurture, its simply what a person decides to be.

They all have a reason for doing it. Im not saying its an excusable reason, but they always have one.

With the Zodiac, it was a power trip, a challenge, A how much can I get away with sort of thing.

With Dahmer.... the nut said he killed the first one to keap him from leaving. How messed up is that?

It goes on and on. In most cases I personaly dont think it would matter if they were raised in a castle or a cardboard box.

One of the most convincing, to me at least, theories I've heard was that it was in fact a mortuary assistant. Not only did his place of work fall within the geographic profile of the ripper, almost all of the victims were brought to this mortuary for examination, he was also known to have a fascination/hatred of prostitutes. I can't remember all of the details but it was an investigation I saw on television a few months ago. I recently started my own little profile project on the ripper but am still compiling data for victimology.

you know it always amazes me what people are capable of doing to a fellow human being. i wouldn't be unthinkable to say that Jack the Ripper was imprisoned  for another crime at a later date on unrelated charges. if he was capable of doing it once and thought he got away with it, who's to say that he didn't keep doing it, and you can only run from the law for so long. and it's my own opinion that even if he wasn't caught by the authorities, he'll get whats coming to him eventually.



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