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Forms of Torture

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thanks Kreeps, yeah I get what ya mean, foolish I can be sometimes.


Mr. Kreepy:
Don't worry about it dude. No biggie...

Keep these things coming, though. I'm loving 'em so far.

I found this one quite amusing:

--- Quote ---Cyphon

This was a rare method of execution, but none the less macabre. It was described by the Greek dramatist Aristophanes (448-388 BC) as one in which the naked victim was secured by his neck and wrists in the pillory, then left to endure the burning rays of the sun and the attacks of stinging insects, which were attracted by a mixture of milk and honey with which he had been smeared.

Should he, against all the odds, survive for twenty days, he was taken down and, as a degradation, dressed in women's clothes before being escorted by large crowds to the cliffs, over which he was thrown head first.

Execution - A guide to the ultimate penalty Geoffrey Abbot
--- End quote ---


Amaya, I have a few books on torture & punishment that you might find intresting. PM me & I'll give you a list. I can see some of your point. Torture is fascinating because of the ingenuity it takes to dream up the torture, the fortitude it takes to carry it out, & the strength it takes to suffer through it.

The History of Torture & Punishment, it's a book too & both are available for purchase. The book is incredible & has a ton of images.


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