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Forms of Torture

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--- Quote ---Is it for future knowledge Amaya?  ^_~ 
--- End quote ---
Maaaybe. I'm not telling.  :evil:

--- Quote ---Torture for me is interesting in a few ways... What people went through during the years when those punishments were meted out,  the twisted minds and ideas of the people that created the tortures,  a form of psychological discipline is in there as well (you always have something to compare your situations to)...  Sometimes there's more to it than just that, y'know?
--- End quote ---
To me, torture is a form of art. As gruesome and ghastly as it may seem, there's a hidden beauty in it. Yeah, I know that sounds really weird is one of my philosophies.

Hmmm...this one's more funky and humorous in my opinion. It's still intriguing. (Now I want to try this with some fruit....)

Ha ha, I tried with split bamboo on a banana...after a few flicks it mushes...I need to practice.

more shall be posted soon Amaya...


I was going to try an apple or an orange.  :laugh:

Can't wait for more.

Mr. Kreepy:
I merged the two topics, Leo. No need to make a new one each time. I'm sure you'll understand. :wink:


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