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Forms of Torture

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--- Quote from: Muerte on July 03, 2009, 10:56:41 PM ---  Ah, thats not a weapon, it's a learning tool, one employed upon those who have the inability to learn even the basic lessons in basic training.  Of course some people have a tendency to replace the bar soap with bottles of liquid soap, and those tend to get turned upon by the guys with soap in a sock because now theres a mess they have to clean up.  We military bastards are just a pack of rabid dogs aint we?

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Okay, Muerte, what about just screaming and picking up random items to throw at people's heads?

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  When my kids do it I call it a temper tantrum, when my wife does it I call it justified  *<:) .

Skinning someone alive-with a home-made sandstorm.

Some good restraints , couple pounds of sand (or salt to be really nasty) and a really powerfull fan to blast them with

Guys , mental torture is the best just psycologically messing ppl up is graet esp if they are bound/ blindfolded

some very beautiful forms of torture indeed, and yes the idea of torture is to create physical or mental anguish for a extended period of time while prolonging the period between pain and death. becasue after all, by letting them die, you are basically giving them their freedom. are you not?
 my favourite form of torture would be for the right people who would deserve it the most...
have a large glass container inside a room with no windows and only a couple of lights. fill up the large glass container (about the size of a small room) full of a saline solution. then place the lucky victim inside the container hooked up to a set of shackles and a oxygen tube. place one iv drip into a arm that would administer the life nutritients needed to sustain life to the lucky victim. then proceed to lift up a sign saying (you are stuck here for the rest of your life) making sure they can read it before walking out of the room remembering to turn off the light. come back in 10 years and i am sure their mental anguish would be starting to spiral out of control.............give it another 20 years................


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