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I wrote this a long time ago and just recently found it while searching through some of my boxes. I don't remember writing this, but it's in my hand writing... I know that it's from when I was in high school. Apparently, I was a deep thinker back then.

Everyone needs someone, but no one needs everyone. It refutes the statement I stand alone. No one, at first can stand alone, and in the end no one can stand alone. Because people knew this, so did monsters. Monsters knew we would not survive, but what they didn't know is when we would die.

So far we have lived without them. However, when we first started they were there. They helped us learn, now all we do is wait for their return to finally fade. But it doesn't seem as though they do not come. Yes, come.

They aren't human, but they aren't alien. They're different. Demons, you could say. They start off as humans but soon they progress. They evolve into a higher species of man. You could call them demons but they aren't that either. It's more like a supreme being. These people can stand alone.

They go from one species to the next and help them either advance or die out. That is why they can stand alone, they do not advance their own civilization. Their civilization is built from others. They start out like a normal part of that civilization then they evolve. They become more than normal; smarter, faster, better senses all together. So in a way they are more than demons but not quiet supreme beings.

Some have made it to the place where all is one and none at all, but only a few. Nirvana is another place all together from the one I speak of, but that's another story all together.

For people to stand on their own is a feet in itself but for one to stand before another and need help is amazing. Because we say we do not need help but we will forever need help no matter how hard we try to deny that fact, it will forever be true. The Chimera gave a riddle to a passerby. The riddle was ' In the morning what walks with 4 legs, in the afternoon walks on 2 legs and at night walks on 3?' only one person answered right and the answer was humans. We crawl in the beginning, we walk on two legs as life goes on, and when we are old we walk with a cane.

For god would never have created man, let alone an angel, in the foreknowledge of his future evil state. If he had not known at the same time how he would put such creatures to good use, and thus enrich the course of world history by the kind of antithesis which gives beauty to a poem.

Angels that are banished from heaven, have no choice but to become demons.

To him, there is no difference between seeing us about to pray and listening to our prayers; for even when his angels listen, it is he, himself who listens in them.

That very fact of mans corporeal mortality is due to the compassion of god; who would not have us kept for ever in the misery this life. The wickedness of demons was not judged worthy of this compassion, and in the misery of their condition, with a soul subject to passions, they have not been granted the mortal body, which man has received but an eternal body.

For every life there is death, one knows this, but does not let go. I have become one of these people. I hold onto them as though my life depended on it. Yet, I am cast aside, so there for I turn cold-hearted.

My minds gone, my heart as well. But as I lay here and see what went wrong I change the past. As I know the world I move through it as faceless as I came into it. However, today is different. Some one sees me, and I run scared. As I face my life I realize the challenge I face and the world falls on me. No one knows me, and worst of all I don't know my self.


  I have the same feeling Angelus.  I think I picked very well when I asked this one to join our Moderator Ranks.  We look forward to not only good things, but great things.

**blushes** awww thanks guys  :@0  You do realize I wrote these in High school right? lol, I just found them the other night to. I'm glad I did, although I know I have gone back and corrected a few errors in my typing, due to reading a couple lines twice... Sideways writing is not my forte. lol

Wait... Is bugger good or bad? Or maybe possibly stumped?

I'm writing some more, but it's not finished yet... So I won't post it quite yet, although I think it's more of a rant, than deep thinking.


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