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The History of Hell

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It's a book Called the History of Hell by Alice K. Turner. It's a really good presentation about how Hell came about, it not only covers Catholic, and Christian versions but also many religions and how hell came to be. It also has really pretty pictures.  <:smurf

peaked my interest, i ordered it with the prince of darkness, one of my favorite books; jamake highwater's myth and sexuality, a dragon dawing book for my daughter and the modern blacksmith for myself.

thank you, i'll let you know what i think when i read it.  :)

i'm sure amazon appreciates it to.  ;)

I'm sure amazon appreciates it as well :) lol. You are most welcome on the book recommendation, it's a pretty interesting read. I read most of it, but I think I have ADHD it's always hard for me to finish most books, even with really pretty pictures lol, I tend to look more at the pictures than the actual text on the pages. :p

my daughter has high functioning autism, i understand completely.

it's been a long time since i've felt bothered enough to read a book and even longer since i've bought one.

Nope... got to page 3, waiting for the movie.


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