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Choosing an evil entity name for a creature in my book


I am writing a fantasy story playing of in medieval time. My only problem is that I need some help getting the right name for one of my antagonist who is a beast like creature.

I've Google names and ideas but so far nothing. I then came across, I've seen quite a few ideas but are not rushing into making any decisions yet.

I was hoping that someone could lay down some ideas and names for me.

I am looking for a name that really scares. Such like "The Dahaka" used in Prince of Persia. "The Balrog" in Lord of the Rings. Diablo, and many more. All these names have something extra to it. just by hearing the names they can terrify and catch your interest.

So if you have any ideas for names, please share them with me.

are you looking for a real entity or creature name, or just a name that sounds cool or scary.

Any name will do that sounds scary


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