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cloning yourself

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Ok folks the technology is nearly here.
Would you?
Why not?
What would put you off?

Tell us about it here.

Regina Terra:
I posted other, I think cloning should only be done when absolutely necessary. If everybody went about cloning ourselves, then the result (a-sexual reproduction) would make our species stagnate and die off.

Mr. Kreepy:
Reggie, you are very much the naysayer when it comes to this sort of thing. Why is that? Don't you think that the scientists in charge of the creation of cloning technology and facilities would make sure to be careful of over-reliance on it? Don't you think there'd be councils and laws and such formed to monitor these things?
Also, why does a-sexual reproduction necessarily equal stagnation in your mind? And why do you think stagnation equals extinction? Last time I checked the only thing that presents the human race with a survival risk was ourselves.
Another thing I don't think you consider is that sexual reproduction in humans leads to the "bad" traits being dominant and the good traits getting thrown to the side in favor of sickliness, pathological xenophobia and hatred, and parasitic tendencies. The point is, any idiot scumbag with a penis can boink an idiot scumbag with a lovebox and pop out a little drooling, slimey, smelly baby idiot scumbag.
However, with cloning there would be screening and testing and genetic counseling and all that lovely oh-so-Orwellian stuff. Guess what that means? Regina, you would be rejected for cloning. I would be rejected for cloning. Pretty much EVERYONE would be rejected for cloning.
So please, let the genetic inferiority of the majority of the human race alleviate your fears of extinction. In all probability, we're screwed anyway, but at least not because of cloning.
Now, with that worthless little tangent out of the way, let's get :focus: shall we?
I would definitely have myself cloned. As a narcissist of the absolute worst kind, I imagine that he would be my best friend, companion, and the best f*ck I've ever had :laugh:
Soon after creating the first one, I would create more...and more...and MORE!!!! Then I'd take over the world with my army of Klones and be the supreme commander of the human race. After a hundred years of a glorious Kreepy Dynasty, one of the Kreepy Klones on the lowest rung of the staus ladder would slowly rise in power and gain followers and we'd have an epic battle to the death. Upon defeating me he would then outlaw cloning forever and humanity would live happily ever after.

Then after waking up from this feverish nightmare brought on by rancid whiskey, cheap weed, and crappy Scifi Channel b-movies, I'd probably knock back a few painkillers and sleeping pills and go back to bed.
If anyone is still reading at this point, I'll kindly have to ask you to forgive me for my idiotic rambling and just shake your head in pity at the poor little monkey man with the brain damage.
Oh, and, seriously...GET A LIFE. If you actually read all this you need a new hobbie or something. Damn.

I am currently undecided on the subject.
I think I'd like to see more argument both ways before I make up my mind on it.

Yes, I would like to have a clone. After all, who would be a better partner in crime than myself.  :lol: But seriously, I could get a lot more stuff accomplished at one time if there were two of me. At times, it would also be nice to have someone on the outside looking in that knows as much about the way I feel and think as I do.

On the other hand, different life experiences creates different people. Eventually you will just have a different person running around with your face and DNA, which may not be a good thing.


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