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Ok, this is the first true glimps of my creativity I have granted my friends here at Monstrous.
I have told few here I write songs, music, lyrics all of it, this poem started as a song, but has been modefied, and when I say modefied what I mean is riped apart where only the true meaning remains but here it is and feel free to criticize, and be as harsh as you wish, you know I can take it.

as I stare through Deaths cold gaze,
at visions crystal clear
I walk miles through thick blue haze,
across the shores of fear.

In the heart of darkness stare
shadows tend to fade,
feal the wicked breath of air,
and see the glory fade,

hate shall stay my one true friend
and vengence my true alli,
in the dark you meet your end,
and some will surely die.

but in the end what will you say,
where will you hide from me,
your heart your soul Ive come to take,
I am your destiny.

Oh.... and feal free to post anything you wrote too,
but none of that mushey s**t unless it has a dark twist.

Andrea Warfare:
Great work

Why did I not read this earlier? :?

That poem's left me staring at my screen with a gaping mouth for a few seconds :-P The last two paragraphs were the best, imo. Great work, Ravin. Wow, really, I can't get over how good it is XD I just keep re-reading it :laugh: I might pick up poetry, who knows, I haven't written a poem for a long time, tho...

thanks guys, I may write another one now that I know someone actually read it.


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