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Too many people are looking at this the wrong way.
See if we look at this from a totally amoral point of view, we can see that we may eventually work in some animal dna.

Who doesn't want actual cat eyes and ears, Slinky sexy jaguar tails, Real life fur on their bodies(never be cold again!)
Jagged claws and expanded physical attributes.

And that's just for cosmetic changes. When the lines between animals and humans blur, imagine the kinds of environments our species could survive on!
Aquatic scaly babes living underwater, dolphin men life guards. Trained Genetically altered whales to deliver massive loads without wasting massive amounts of cash, eating plankton!

Flying angelic bird frea.....-Bird Men! and women soaring the skies dropping the biggest bird crap you've ever seen, were-wolves running to and fro dry humping..... uh... trees!, Ninja monkey people living in sustainable green tree cities.  

We'd also respect nature more, love each other (and probably eat some others but that's OK, they're just dumb animals), and  think of all the furries we'd make happy.
Bestiality will no longer be considered a crime!

hell , all the cos play geeks will be as close to the real deal as their budget allows!

Then racism and prejudice will be the least of our dying civilization's problems. The lovely anarchistic chaos.

(yes, part attempt at being the devil's advocate and part satire. sue me)
(Ok time for my actual post)

BUt seriously, Gene therapy is a long way from allowing people to freely change DNA sequences to whatsoever they please, there stands the matter of acquiring approval from the various governments, research groups, international councils, religious institution......etc....
We don't need to worry about this subject for a good long time. cause by the time it gets accepted as ethical, safe and commercially acceptable, it will be so goddamned  watered down,controlled and subsidized, that we'd be better off getting tatto's.

And sure the possibility of   people altering their genetic make up opens up some interesting options.
Augmented strength, perfect vision, hair color, athletic ability, built-in immunization and resistances to diseases,viruses and most sicknesses. Hell, what about intelligence augmentation and   even psychic powhaz! The possibilities are nigh endless if we are able to unlock the secrets of the building blocks of life.

However. the price we are going to pay is steep. Some GM plants may destabilize the environment,  endanger health due to built in pesticides, fast growing ones take too much nutrients from the soil. Whats to keep GM Man from being treated like a freak? The golden haired blue eyed Nazi dream  Aryan come to life! People would act irrationally as usual, Making scenes we last though were part of days past. Protests, doomsday pickets.
HOw long would it take a rally of angry protesters wielding picket signs full of  religious nonsense twisted to bring hate upon those that use these products.
They are of course an annoying minority. :focus:

we Arn't talking about growing Uberhumans yet. So lemme back track.

This  tech is playing with life. We must make sure that we have all our bases cleared before mass producing such potentially volatile science as a cosmetic.
There is a pretty big market for it though so its bound to happen sooner or later.

Faster metabolic rates would require an overhaul of the entire body to ensure that there is no rejection of the new genetic data right? Just asking.

There. short and well... short.

Yeah, it's bound to happen, if not publicly, at least for medical and governmental purposes. But playing with life to make life better isn't as bad as some may think. It's actually ok, imo. But losing weight overnight on a McDonald's diet isn't right XD

I wouldn't mind a different hair color and eye color :3 Cat eyes? Wings? sure, why not :-P The only one I'm really against is the weight loss actually...

ther only thing i would be concerned for is genetig stagnation and what it would do to human spitituality and mentality

Genetic stagnation as in what? That it becomes overused and just another commercial product or that our genes get corrupted and we start having more and more problems?

No. Genetic stagnation as in due to the continuous advancement of our tech and the rising standards of living, evolution would inevitably stop working due to the lack of stress on our species.


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