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Succubus - 04-18-02

She watched him sleep through the thin pane of glass and smiles. The breeze is soft and warm, the starts are bright and glittery, she smells the dark air and then returns her gaze to settle on the nude form, oblivious to her observation. She reached in the faded jean jacket pocket and pull out the half empty pack of spearment gum, not thinking she unwraps it and puts it into her moist mouth. She smiles as he rolls over, the blanket falls away revealing his etched body, every detail glowing in the moonlight, her smile widens and wonders what he's dreaming seeing his large member sticking up hard. She licks her lips thinking of what pleasures it could bring and smile phases through the wall. She glides over and hovers over his bed, not making a sound, a faint smell of sulfur fills the room.

She squinted her eyes and they glowed a gentle red, the fires of hell danced playfully in delight. She sat on the bed and with a light carress she jerked her hand back as he stirred.
"These silly, beautiful mortals" she mused, with a stirring motion over his forhead she peeked into his dreams. She smiled wickedly as she saw it unfold.  Her form shimmered a bit and she slowly began to change. She looked in a mirror amused as she saw the sweet girl standing before her. Dark layered hair and spicy red lips. She watched the show before, she heard a moan and picked up her que, she jumped onto the bed and he bolted awake. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and double blinked seeing his dream girl climing on top of him, he tried pinching himself but before he could she intercepted his hand.

She smiled glancing at her sigil now glowing hot and red, she layed back pulling him on top and the outfit faded away, leaving her perfect alabaster skin to warm against his. She enjoyed this part, sensing his weaknesses. They were always weak creatures, her mentor had always said that, she smiled thinking of him fondly. He saw to her training himself, before and even after her heart and soul was his. She would see him occasionaly, but his duty was different than hers. Occasionally he would come and share the soul with her, those were glorious times. Thinking of him, she returned to her prize, seeing her master's face, feeling his hands on her skin. She met the lips and was brought back to the handsome mortal.

She growled and his fear deepened as he felt a fire burst to life, burning him deep inside. His eyes watered at the pain as she sucked his fear, his energy, every ounce of emotion that was being released in that moment only mortal creatures could experience. Feeling herself full and satisfied she forced him on for the final burst of his strength.
 "What are you?" he could barely rasp out and again he shivered at the smile, cold and cynical.

"Silly man" She paused briefly to lick off his sweat. "What I truly am has been forgotten by many of you...mortals" She smiled remembering when she was as he, so weak and frail. "It matters not what I am, but what you have offered" her smile turned into an evil grin.
"You are mine, when your human body dies, and decays away, you will live on and it will be for my" again she paused to find the right words. "My dearest devil to decide what is done with your soul, my job is done." She again licked of a bead of sweat from his body and as she faded into nothing but a wisp, he felt the mark he'd bear for eternity blaze on his soul.

............. To fix this undergo hollowfication.


--- Quote from: Raziel on March 05, 2010, 05:43:00 PM ---............. To fix this undergo hollowfication.

--- End quote ---

actually i edited the heck out of it, it was way more graphic and wanted to simplify it to pg13 rather than an nr18 story.

  I doubt Jordyn has ever watched Bleach Raziel so that last would be lost on her.

A hollow in relation to the anime "Bleach" Is a soul who has been consumed by the chains that they carried in life and is now a creature who eats other lost or burdened souls to sustain itself.

They are depicted by a masked inhuman though partially-humanoid creature, which is the equivalent of an unbound poltergeist to being a walking natural disaster.

They have a distinguishing characteristic. A hole in the center of their chest to represent that they have lost their heart, or humanity.

I mentioned them in response to the mark inflicted by the succubus.

Satan has no claim to those that have lost their humanity. He is not the master of the soul. and a soul who has lost itself is slave only to those that bind it.

To redeem these creatures, the anime makes use of psycopomps dressed in black hakama. named shinigami or "death gods".......... which technically they are not. But then Western and eastern views on divinity are rather distinct from each other.


And i would love to read the full version. Moloch has desensitized me to such things so i swear i won't get turned on and or puke. :-D


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