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Serpent Head Found in Center of the Brain? (Animation)

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This one is really scary when you think about it a bit better. We seem to have this... snake thing (not just the "reptilian brain" as a word) in our heads. I wasnt really sure where to post it, but if reptilians ARE from outer space, what are they doing in OUR HEADS?!?!?

*runs in circles screaming*

whats your say?

Nina, you know I appreciate you - I really do - so don't take this personally. But this isn't even a legitimate issue...

Hey shhh, lets pretend it is ;)

ps: I dont have to be serious all the time, and this felt like a good debate start.  :wink:

I am more concerned that half of that person's brain is missing, and somebody has sprayed a chunk of it red.

With half the brain missing, I dont think he cares xD

And to continue the laugh:


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