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Rocky Horror Picture Show?!?

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So is anyone going to go to Rocky Horror this year? I plan on going for my birthday and having Denny's afterwards :)

How did you find out about Rocky Horror and when was the first time you went to a show if you have been to one?
Do you dress for the occasion?

I did not think any places even showed this anymore, I used to go to see it on weekends with some girlfriends
 who were really into the dressing up bit

I went to it for the event of it ...and / or pick up girls, this was way back in the late 70s

I moved this topic to a more relevant forum

Ah, I didn't know where to put the topic and it popped into my head... Sorry for the trouble

Really? I know of a few venues, there is some in Cali and I know of one in Fl. It's a little old run down theater in Cape Canaveral (I am pretty sure that's spelled wrong...) Normally the one in FL only shows it around Halloween. The others in Cali are either once a month or every weekend. I'm not positive about that though.

I can't wait! :D I'm going to dress up for it too! :D

Who would you be going as; Magenta, Columbia, or Janet?

Dammit Janet     LOL


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