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Buried alive to learn life's value

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Devious Viper:
Buried alive to learn life's value

Medical students in Taiwan are being buried alive in coffins - to help them appreciate the value of life.

Teenagers at Rende Medical College are being given the unusual lessons which tutors say should give them an insight into death. The students have to write a will, dress in a funeral shroud and then climb into a coffin while they are buried under floorboards before they are released.

Professor Qiu Daneng explained, "Although it's just 10 minutes, the effect is equal to real death." And student Xiao Lin said, "I felt like I was reborn when I came out and now I know that every second counts in life."

(Orange News)

Well there is actualy the yearly festival if i got it right, when coffins are laid and people go through symbolical death. There is also a movie named, oh what a surprise, A coffin. Strange, but I can understand the meaning of this. Maybe we all should do it once in a lifetime?

And for anyone interested for the movie, heres the link:

This reminds me of a movie, a bunch of medical students would stop their hearts and resuscitate each other. In the end they all went crazy, If you feel reborn coming out of a coffin I wonder how you feel coming out of a closet. I couldn't help myself. This can be a good thing but I see this turning into a new fad. Like the whole being wrapped in a blanket and crawl your way towards a light. I think it's called reliving the trauma of birthing. But, what ever floats your boat. If you want to pretend to be dead for a little bit so your not traumatized by the thought of death then so be it.

Just remember you will die one day. Nothing can stop it. So live. You don't need a coffin therapy to realize this.

The movie is called Flatliners  :wink:

Devious Viper:

--- Quote from: onishadowolf on December 21, 2010, 07:05:02 PM ---Just remember you will die one day. Nothing can stop it. So live. You don't need a coffin therapy to realize this.

--- End quote ---

It is not impossible that people alive today could potentially cheat death...

Natural death results from ageing, itself caused by telomeres, the caps at the end of chromosomes, which, every time a cell divides get closer to cell death and the limit of cell reproduction (the Hayflick limit). When the limit is reached the cells are unable to continue dividing, and as they approach this stage they reproduce with DNA faults, leading to organs of the body failing and the degenerative diseases associated with old age.

Now that science has identified the enzyme Telomerase, which maintains the length and stability of the telomeres, immortality is no longer confined to science fiction and mythology...

Would someone want to live forever? That's the common argument used against immortality, but, heck, most people would choose life over death if it were a reality handed to them in a pill rather than a philosophical argument over a J and a JD.


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