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I get to watch shows like I Shouldn't Be Alive ( ) and read stuff all the time about how people overcome absolutely horrifying experiences.

Being trapped under something heavy, out in the middle of nowhere, no food, no water... for days.
Eff that.  :gun:
I'm all about exploring, but I think I'm just too damn stubborn!

Speaking of stubborn, here's one for you ( Follow link above, and watch Surviving a Grizzly Attack ):

Man gets attacked by Bear, gets pissed at it and punches it in the nose. Gets mauled by the Bear. Man shoots it, tries to stand up, and discovers his thigh has been ripped OFF of his femur.
He makes it to some guys that help him out... But can you imagine?? OW  :-(

Or how about this one ( Follow link above, and watch Dog Saves Injured Owner ):

Woman falls down into a canyon, crushes her pelvis... survives for days, laying there as blood pools into her pelvic cavity. It's her Dog that ends up saving her life.

Anyhow, because I'm obviously bored and have nothing to do... ( fiance's not here, kids aren't here, cleaning's all done, nothing's on tv  :)zzz ) I ended up coming across this article:

The 6 Most Insane True Tales of Survival


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