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Battlefield 3 Anyone?

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Note: I play on the PS3 and have premium. So, y'all up for a little bit of hell or what? XD

do you camp?

Not unless I'm going long range, in which case I know great spots to see entire maps and get great vantage points. I often run with the G3A3 (13 service stars and best weapon) or the QBB-88 on recon, I've taken a liking to it with the suppressor, foregrip, and 3.4x russian scope. I can fly a het or helo pretty well and know my way around the ground vehicles as well. I do play as engineer or Support, but not as often, as I prefer to stay at a distance with higher powered guns instead of constantly run in and get blasted. Also, I'm from back in the BFBC2 days, when COD players didn't kill our gameplay.

nice unfortunatly i just got my xbox taken for an unknown reason but yea so i assume you dont like cod?

Hate it. And I have a PS3... Lets not start a war eh? ;)


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