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Phantom X:
Come here if you want to request a spell. DO NOT REQUEST BLACK MAGICK SPELLS! IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE ADMIN AND DELT WITH ACCORDINGLY. I DO NOT TOLERATE BLACK MAGICIANS. Black magic pertains to the destuction, evil, or bad influense of anything. Do not be silly when you ask for a spell, you will be put on my list and wont be able to request one again.

lost spirit:
Hi i need help for myself and my daughter i have goen about everything the right way but it hasnt worked basically i knw aman that is very nasty and dangerous i ahve been to the police and currently court but i cant get any where it seems if he calls mea liar then thats that they believe him and soon he will have access to ym daughter liek i have said i tried doign things the right way and al it has done is get him closer to my little girl i dotnknwo what else to do i dont knwo if my request comes under black magic i dotn think it does but if so then im sorryand please ignore me but im now frightened and worried for my little girl is there anything u knwo that will help and help fast as i knwo fora fact that as soon as they let him near her he will hurt her and i mean seriously hurt her lpease help

Phantom X:
Sorry, witchcraft is not the answer AND magick isnt ment for harm and could lead to worse things.

lost spirit:
hi i amnot looking toharm any one but this man raped me and is now looking at getting access to my daughter im trying to prevent harm to her i have tried every way possible police , court and also ther child agencies but they just aint interested what i was hoping for was some kind of spell that would make him not want to try and get my daughter something that would make him not want to fight and to leave us alone this would  not cause harm he is nto a nice man looking to be apart of a childs life he is doing it to win a fight and to harm my child if you think you can help please let me know im nto looking to harm any one

Phantom X:
All I can advise is fight the system


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