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what do u consider to be the scariest movie ever?

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as i said in a previous post, ive never seen a truly scary movie, i dont like blood and gore for the sake of it, but their HAS to be a movie out there that is really scary.  wondering what yr thoughts are, and which movies u can recommend since halloween is coming up. <^>

Any of the Hannibal Lecter movies, "Phantasm" movies, "Wishmaster" movies; and though they are bloody and gory, my favorites are the "Hellraiser" movies.

didnt see that coming moloch lol. jk. i recommend those as well. along with the Halloween movies, nightmare on elm street, and poltergeist is a good one also.

yeah ive seen all those movies - hellraiser i particular like, but nothing scares me. :cry: I just wanted to watch a real scary movie, not one that has gore in it, i want a story! lol

Thanks Moloch, i tought i managed to dry up the internet of scary movies. Sorry about the pun - can't be helped!) *suck*  :-D

Scariest movie ever must be The Grudge 2004. It was originally in Japanese. I was totally freaked out - and it takes a LOT to freak me out ( i'm an ICU nurse  :-D)


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