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near death experiances- tell us yours

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soul blighter:
tell us of your own NDA's right here

“Oh s**t!”

A loud hollow crash is followed by an indescribable yet lurid physical sensation. My conscious perceptions are engulfed by a warm black void. Slowly, all is revealed by the rising sun, throne of Ganesha. The Lord of Obstacle’s trunk sways and curves to the right. He does not speak, but words come unbidden to my own mouth, “Hail unto the rising star in the east, bright light of morning. Glory unto your visage.” My monotone vibration echoes across the very universe to return to me as my vision goes white, bright painful white. I awake to find myself strapped to a gurney, neck brace jabbing into my trachea.

-yawn- I was at my friend's house, playing outside with her in the rain. We were crazy so we kept walking in the road and running down the sidewalk continueously. Honestly, it was fun for a while until my friend and I weren't watching where we were going and we walked into the middle of the road infront of a car, almost getting hit by it but it sped haft-way into a lawn. It was fun! ^_^;;

soul blighter:
i use to set off explosives down by a field until i misjudge it and me and my girlfriend where caught in the blast my girlfriend was okay but i igot abranch through my chest just missing my heart and lungs but damm the pain is unbelievable haven't touched the s**t since  :wink:  :wink:

I actualy have 3 near death experiences (6 more to go! cat with 9 lives!). once, I was climbing rope on a tree branch in my back yard, and the limb broke. of course, I fell flat on my back, but it didn't knock the wind outa me(thank god) and I SWEAR! I saw a light when I was just laying there (no it wasn't the sun, 'cause the sun's not BLUE) and I started to prey for my life, and the light vanished! another time was when I was out riding my bike in the street with my friend Josia ( I think that's how to spell his name...) and here comes this big truck, almost like a Wal*Mart  truck right behind me! I swear I was going about 30 m/h! I was too scared to turn into any other driveway but mine (If you were being "chased" by a huge truck, you'd be that absentminded also!) and I finaly got to my driveway in time to not get run over. it lasted about 10 seconds, but it felt like 10 minutes! another was at school. I had a GT (Gifted and Talented) presentation to do, and I have asthma. I over-did myself at break and I played soccer like mad! when I got into the GT room, mary told me that I had nearly passed out at break, and I nearly passed out in the classroom to! I was just laying in the "Creativity Corner" on all the bean-bags not able to moove at all and Audrey was getting me water while Aubree was getting me wet paper towels to put on my forehead. and Mary was laying right beside me singing lean on me! it was kinda interesting, but scary. that's all I realy have to say about near death experiences


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