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What information trans communication provides you about world of spirits.

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You... might want to reformulate that.

I think he meant "Is the spirit world ruled by any governing power and does the soul have to obey that power when in the spirit world?" if not, well we have ourselves a mystery, Mon.

Spirit world is what you hear on t.v. That is way to broad for real life. Because spirit could be classified as anything not physical on this plane.

There is heaven and hell as well as the astral plane and of course this one. These are the most basic ones I think (might be one more i'm forgetting)

As for governing power they all have different power ruling them. Like heaven has god and hell has satan.

Are one of these four what you mean by spirit world? What source are you pulling the name from so that we can get a better idea.

Through transcommunication you know about souls.If you press record button of your cassette recorder in a quite place and you get sounds in it does it mean that the place in haunted.


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