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Dangers of Astral Projection (Out-Of-Body-Experiences, OOBE)

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Since we astral project everyday when we are asleep, astral projection must be a very safe and natural activity. However, I have read a few articles on the subject that speak about the dangers of astral projection, such as the possibility of encountering negative entities or having your Silver Cord severed. Do you feel that astral projection is dangerous? Or do you think it is safe and one need not worry about one's safety?

lol i dont honestly think its worth worrieing about cause if what u say is true about us always astral projecting when sleeping then we are always at a risk for running into "negative energy"  or having our silver chord split in otherwords everytime we sleep it would be risky or dangerous.

I do think Astral Projection can be kinda dangerous for if u leave the body then u have to find a way back to it and if u dont then ur body is pretty much dead or so most people say.

Negative entities... Cord severed... Wah, I've been reading too much manga again...

Ahem. I really don't think it's that dangerous. From what I've been told, the astral body or whatever you wanna call it is often pulled back to the body rather than you having to find your way back. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes seconds, but the way I see it, the mind always returns to its more comfortable state, inside the physical body.

I agree with KubeSix. I don't see it as dangerous for the same reasons stated and that I usually get a feeling when I'm in danger that I've never got with astral projection.

Carson Dane:
I'm fully conscious during out-of-body experiences, while Astral Projections happen like dreams.  My first out of body experience was scary, but my most recent one - a dark retreat - was easy and calm.   APs are much more frequent for me than OOBEs.  In unpleasant or difficult places or situations, I relax and act like I belong there.  When threatened during APs, I've learned its always better to stand and fight.  I think the cord has to do with consciousness, and so, cannot be cut.  Instead, perhaps, it is mind which one must hold onto during such experiences.


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