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Best Astral Projection Technique


The best astral projection technique, as far as I am concerned, is the rope technique. Maybe it is because I am fond of rock climbing. I think the most natural thing in the world is to clamber up an imaginery rope and find yourself out of your body in a jiffy. But I know it need not be the same for all. Which is the best astral projection technique for you?

The only way I've managed to get myself in a (partial) OBE was by dreaming. Kinda. I got in a voluntarily-induced state of hypnagogia, then simply meditate there in bed for a while, waiting for the visions and such to come along, ignoring them for some time. It's kind of like a lucid dream, yet you experience the dream from a wakeful state of mind. In dreams, the barriers between your conscious and subconscious minds breaks down, letting you control it much more. That's when, after a few trials and error, I managed to get my arms out. I never tried again afterward, not because I'm afraid of leaving my body or something like that; I just never feel like lying down for an hour doing nothing. Have you ever slept without sleeping? It's a pain. (And sometimes the visions come from nightmares rather than dreams.)

I should try again; I wanna have an OBE :[

Hmm I think that varies because the best technique for one person might not be the best for everybody.

I know I really don't have a technique, it just kinda happens for me (as do most things for some odd reason). I have a tendency to get distracted easily and sometimes when I do I sometimes get out of body experiences.

Carson Dane:
I use my mind to put the phosphenes behind my closed eyes into motion.


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