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charms and talisman

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 Ah... sorry. I guess I'm no help then.

Well, symbols...

There are runes, different types of pentacles, star of fae (seven-pointed star), and many other things. It just depends on what you want to do.

I have this thing that a girl gave me (for the nightmares I told you about) and it works
it is a necolace made in brazil

You can create your own charms and talismans by writing or carving runes on some paper or a piece of wood.  I Generally use them to keep away bad fortune or to bring luck by either carrying them with me in my wallet or placing them around a room.  Charms can take on whatever purpose you empower them with and so can be useful for  channeling the energy from maybe from a spell or just be used on there own.

there ya go make one I do that alot


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