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familiars and summoning.

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Arcane Artifice:
I've been curious for a while now as to how a familiar is acquired, though i can't say if I have a familiar, I know that I have a guardian spirit. Does this make it a familiar? From what I can tell in the previous familiars thread, a familiar can be something living, does this mean something created, summoned, or spiritual cannot be a familiar?

As for the summoning process, I've always called forth my guardian spirit through his name, obviously this can't be applied to anything living or with physical structure, especially at distances, but is it possible to give a physical familiar an ethereal body to summon?

Traditionally a familiar is a living being that assists you in magic. In the old days it was believed the familiar of a witch was a demon/spirit in corporeal (physical) form. Today it is usually a pet that assists in raising energy for spell work. For me I have a few familiars 2 snakes & 1 cat. They aren't my only pets but they are the ones that always showed an intrest in when I was doing magic so I started including them.

As for summoning, it depends on what you are summoning. A guardian spirit is with you at all times so simply saying the name will work just fine. When it comes to other spirits or beings, although I don't suggest summoning them, there are a number of diffrent ways this can be accomplished, it really depends on who/what you are trying to summon.

Arcane Artifice:
By my Summonings, I mean friendly creatures who I have come to know and befriend. All Spiritual entities ,and some created creatures. Would I need to have some form of medium or a way to house a part of their energy to summon them. Mainly because a lot of the creatures I have come to know have long and complicated names, some that are hard to pronounce, and I was wondering if I could merely store part of the essence in a medium to have it ready for quick summonings. Adding on to this is an activation key required or just willpower and focus?

By medium do you mean in a physical vessel or a human with mediumistic abilities? In either case I would say no. Storing another being's energy isn't fair to that entity. Remember, even the ones you have created are not there to be at your beck & call they are there to assist you when they are able. If their name is too long/difficult to pronounce then maybe they aren't the right entity for you. Can I ask why you have all these entities? What are you summoning them for?

Arcane Artifice:
Well It's more of they came with the territory of my powers, or the ones I used to have, as for their names it was all due to their own customs and beliefs. Now I don't "have" these entities, but I commune with them on occasion, or at the very least I used to, however recently a majority of what I was able to do has been revoked. I haven't done anything wrong, but my origin source had things to do and required the powers, I was loaned ,back. Long story short most of the entities and creatures I have come to know have been called to a greater task and because I respect this I have began the process of moving onwards to a new "Character" if you will.
As for the summoning reason, it deals with defensive callings as well as a combat style. While I would never put a non created entity into harms way, a repairable spirit golem seems appropriate for when I, or an ally, needs something to defend themselves with or to carry out a a specific function.

I have no reason to do anything malevolent with these spirit golems, so please don't get the wrong idea. By medium I meant either a physical vessel or use myself to house them. If you'd like I can explain the whole situation later or in a message but for the sake of this topic ill try to keep things as minimal as possible.


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