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Title: Time/reality glitch
Post by: KubeSix on April 15, 2010, 05:35:14 PM
Let's see... Nope, nowhere better to put this it seems...

So yeah, I suppose some of the people here have heard about time or reality glitches. If you didn't know, it's when time and/or reality seems to alter or just fark up on you and somehow, you don't lose the memory of what it was before.

Now, I usually look at things from every angle and when I heard about two guys going kayaking on a lake during the day and suddenly wake up in the middle of the night in their tent, I thought there was probably an explanation to it. After all, there's no real way to prove even to yourself that time really skipped forward, especially when you describe it as your mind going all fuzzy and in the blink of an eye waking up somewhere else. (I use the term "waking up", but that's hardly the case. Read on for more explanations.)

Yesterday, though, I was riding the bus and was looking out the window. For some reason, a lady walking on the sidewalk caught my attention. (Note that she was walking in the opposite direction to the bus' course and the bus was in movement.) Soon after I redirected my attention to my surroundings, my senses and thoughts started fading into a 'fuzzy' state.

-CRITICAL ERROR: SYSTEM WILL NOW ATTEMPT TO ROLLBACK TO AN UNCORRUPTED MEMORY LOCATION- (or something sci-fi and all spiffy like that because Kube plays too much Assassin's Creed)

Suddenly, I'm looking out the window. For some reason, a lady walking on the sidewalk catches my attention. Wait... wth? I look out the window to check behind the bus and only see one woman walking there, the same one I've now crossed twice in a matter of seconds. She's still walking in the same direction and clearly her legs don't permit her to run faster than a moving bus on a boulevard.

It was nothing like falling asleep and waking up right after; it was just like blinking, for the lack of a better word.

So has something like this happened to you? Do you know of someone who's experienced time glitches? (I'm pretty sure if time glitches happen, reality glitches in general are also possible, but they seem to be less frequent. Do tell if you know of any.)
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Post by: Raziel on April 16, 2010, 03:13:56 AM
You sir are quite possibly the most observant person i know......
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Post by: matthew321 on April 16, 2010, 12:20:27 PM
YES I know exactly what you mean! I have had many instances where I swear it was a repeat of what just happened. Such as a conversation and something is repeated but everyone else acts as though it was said only once. Or sometimes movements will be repeated.

You are not crazy and I think a time glitch idea may be plausible. They are usually subtle changes but if you pay attention you can notice them.
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Post by: Raziel on April 16, 2010, 04:43:52 PM
You my Lady of the feather and paw, have just been lucky enough to find one of those (

Yes. Pratchett is awesome and the world is like the disk in more ways than we know.
Title: Re: Time/reality glitch
Post by: KubeSix on April 17, 2010, 12:16:57 AM
You sir are quite possibly the most observant person i know......

Thanks, I pride myself on that idea... :-P It's hard to not observe all the details when something like that happens, though...


Now I'd like to quote matthew's post because there was one thing that was especially interesting in what he said:

You are not crazy and I think a time glitch idea may be plausible. They are usually subtle changes but if you pay attention you can notice them.
subtle changes

This brings up a lot of questions...
- What causes the glitch and the changes?
- More importantly, WHY are there glitches?
- If there are actually changes, are they a correction? Or a simple random modification?
- What are the changes based on? Who or what decides their occurrence?
- Can the changes be tracked somehow?
- Can the changes (and so the glitch) be caused voluntarily?
- Why do only some seemingly random people notice the glitch? Is it because it affects them? Or is it because they caused it? Or perhaps is it only an 'error' in the glitch?

-sigh- So many questions to be answered and so many possibilities...

Maybe is it related to the multiverse theory? That there is an infinity of universes, all portraying the infinity of possibilities in every possible situation? If so, I'd think the changes would be subtle or minor because the similar universes would be "closer" to one another and the bending of one to merge with another would then be a lot more feasible. Or is it really the two realities merging? Perhaps simply the consciousness moving from one instance to another. That would explain why the people around the person conscious of the glitch seem completely clueless as to its occurrence.

So many questions...



I'm finding the wandering shop you mentioned really interesting by the way, Ladygriffin. Another subject I'd like to explore hahah
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Post by: LeXtruX on April 17, 2010, 04:51:54 AM
now from what I've read I see several other possibilies (or maybe just 1) of what could have happened

Maybe it was a vision you had and suddenly you saw the real deal, it's possible and I wouldn't count a vision as a glitch
Or maybe (and I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, probably is) you had a deja vu
Whatever the case was, it's worth looking into, because even time/reality glitches have reasons of why they happen, they don't really come at random (nothing does, even a computer that randomly picks a number has an algoritm to choose it's option, giving the impression of being random)
You might want to go back to where that happened and have a feel of the surroundings, you know, check if anything feels out of the ordinary
Perhaps something happened there causing the irregularity?
This is beyond my field of expertise but I do know from experience that nothing happens without a reason (and I'm not talking about it's your destiny crap like that)
Something must have caused the glitch.
Maybe a hard question you should ask yourself is: did anyone else notice the glitch? because I doubt it was just you who experienced the glitch?

edit: if my post would be considered BS please ignore it^^ I'm just saying my view of the situation (though that was not your real question) but it might be interesting to find the cause of the glitch to help you figure out what happened^^
Title: Re: Time/reality glitch
Post by: KubeSix on April 17, 2010, 01:22:37 PM
Well we can rule out a deja vu; I have those all the time and you know when you have one, you don't exactly recall when the event happened before? That's because your brain's just recording it twice at once (usually) In this case, I clearly saw it once, then once more. It wasn't a "That one lady's going to pass the bus" it was a "That lady already passed the bus once before." - you know? I'm not sure if I'm being real precise here hahah....

As for the location, I pass there every day on my way to college and have to say I've never felt anything there before and just yesterday when I passed by again twice, there was nothing out of place. But I must say I wasn't paying much attention. I'll make sure next week and come back to ya on this.

I can't really tell if others experienced it and there isn't really a way to tell by now. I didn't notice a strange reaction in others, but I didn't have any obvious reaction either, so there's no way to tell.
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Post by: matthew321 on April 17, 2010, 03:46:01 PM
Well I can also say when I experience it that it is not deja vu. My deja vu is stronger then normal so I know when it is going to happen before it happens (when I get into the scenario) as well as it lasts longer then one moment. Mine are usually a one minute period of knowing exactly what is going to happen.

What I experience is an immediate repeat of what just previously happened. For me it is usually in conversation, gestures, or occasionally other things. I have to say that my high school is where I have experienced it the most with conversation and gestures. It feels as though I am the only one that notices and everyone else acts as though it has only happened once.

Everything always feels ordinary after and before it happens. But while it is happening there is an odd subtle feeling present.
I would not doubt that it is not random but as far as the algorithm for dictating where this happens is still hidden to me.

The cause of these glitches are unknown but I cannot rule out insanity... (for myself anyway...)
Title: Re: Time/reality glitch
Post by: Lupus on April 18, 2010, 01:04:03 PM
hmm. i tend to get deja vu from time to time , only its "strong" enough for me to know exactly what will happen next. Its more like a particular moment will feel extrememly familiar for some reson , even though i dont know why. I get this when ive had dreams the previous night , only i never remember what they were until said familiar moment has arrived and passed.

as matthew321 says in his own case , i must say too - insanity cannot be ruled out. (Yes I admit , people have questioned my sanity on numerous occasions >.< )
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Post by: KubeSix on April 18, 2010, 09:26:16 PM
Well here's what I heard on deja vu: unless you can stop the people in that precise situation and tell them what they're about to do, it's not a memory or premonition; more like an illusion. Like I said earlier, it's because the brain is recording it twice at once, so it seems like you already have the memory, but only at that moment. If you can stop the person in their words (well in the instance of a deja vu conversation) only then was it a premonition or a memory. the former sounds like what you're describing, Lupus. (correct me if I'm wrong, though)

This just made me think of something: you know in the Matrix when the group is going up a flight of stairs and Neo spots a black cat twice in a matter of seconds? Neo then says "deja vu". That would be a true deja vu since he could have predicted what the cat would've done before it did it, instead of recalling the same event AS it happened a second time. It would be a reality/time glitch. I thought I'd use the example to differentiate the two. It also relates to what matthew said earlier about the changes: in that scene, Neo's confused as to why they're all freaking out over a deja vu and Trinity says this:

A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix; it happens when they change something.

Thought it was cool how it relates to real-life glitches. Not trying to say anything really crazy like the movie's true; just an interesting connection. (The scene was probably inspired by true glitches)

On being insane: As you said, insanity can't be ruled out, of course, but if I were to always wonder about my own sanity, I would still be sitting in a dark room trying to make a flame move. Self-doubt doesn't really help and honestly, if I'm crazy, I can't do much about it, so might as well live in my own farked up little world and enjoy what it has in store for me.
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Post by: blacksite117 on April 19, 2010, 06:56:18 AM
have none of you read any of douglas adams' books???

that will explain all

Title: Re: Time/reality glitch
Post by: matthew321 on April 19, 2010, 04:16:23 PM
I had been thinking of that cat moment in the matrix during this whole discussion. I am glad it has been brought up. I would not doubt that these proposed time glitches are result in a change, whether it is immediate or not does not matter. It is a possibility that we are indeed inside the "matrix" and the movie was just to distract us from realizing it. But now that we are observing the flaws of the system soon we will see "agent smith"....

As for insanity I know I am crazy and I've come to terms with it. Because if I say I am crazy then I can live normally and not do anything weird. But as soon as I try to call myself normal my craziness will be let out and be the end of me.
For some people if you say they are crazy they will be crazy but if you call those same people normal then they will believe they are normal and will act normal.

My point is that "crazy" is a matter of perspective as well as influence.

I am observing to see the next glitch and I am wondering if I also will repeat something or that there is another factor being affected in this.
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Post by: KubeSix on April 23, 2010, 10:26:39 PM
Well I consider myself sane for admitting that I might be insane, but... Maybe thinking that's alright just makes me more insane. Whichever way I think about it, I always get tangled up in contradictions, so I just don't think about it and do my own thing. If I was completely crazy the whole time, at least I'll have enjoyed myself. Plus, we all have a bit of craziness deep inside. You can't understand yourself if you can't accept it.

Now, about the repeating events in the glitches... In some cases, I've heard of glitches being simple time skips. So if there are changes,maybe they're not always just about events or physical things, it could be that time's flow gets disturbed. The way i see it, there could be endless ways for glitches to occur and with enough outside the box thinking, someone could make them happen voluntarily. Maybe I'm just thinking that because of the Matrix connection, though. There would probably be several factors and variables, meaning even more possible results or ways of manifestation. There would always probably still have ways of recognizing them common to all the possible glitches, though. But a glitch is usually just a slip in the program and is usually quickly fixed by the system, so we might only be able to notice the exceptionally big ones...

have none of you read any of douglas adams' books???

that will explain all


No, I haven't :P If the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is anything like that movie from a couple years ago... Not interested hahah
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Post by: matthew321 on June 14, 2010, 06:45:31 PM
I can't recall any time glitches, but your topic reminds me of something similar.

I was on my way home and had just missed my connecting bus, so I had to wait for about 15 min for the next one. As I waited I looked at the different shop's windows in a sort of detached way (I've seen them many times before). Suddenly I notices one I'd never seen before - one that sold books on the occult. I said something not suitable for print (since I had no time to spare that day) and made a mental note to check it out at earliest possible opportunity. My bus arrived and I went home.

The next week I was in the vicinity and naturally I went to the shop. Only - the shop wasn't there! And it wasn't like it had closed. The shops on both sides where there still, but the whole section in between - where the shop I looked for was - had just vanished!

( I hadn't read the Harry Potter books - at the time it happened - but I'm sure all of you that have, recognize it.)

I was looking for the post where this was mentioned. I believe I found one of these today while driving. I was on a road I do not drive on much. But this road was in the middle of the city with a clear open view in broad daylight. I saw this book store I had never seen before. It said occult books on it. It looked quite new compared to the shops around it. Not to much age to it maybe 20 years if that. There were only three signs in front. They lacked the flash of modern signs. They were white background signs with black English characters. One sign said children books, the other occult and I do not remember the other.
I had never seen this shop before and I wanted to go inside it sooo bad. But I was driving and had a place to go GRRRRR! There was a book store of similar content across the street from it that did not stand out to me as much as this did. I even remembered the wandering shop myth as I was looking at it. It hurt so bad to let this chance pass by. I really hope I am wrong and it is just a normal shop.
This stands out due to not remembering it being there (but I do not go on this road much so maybe it has always been), the occult books sign, the bland signs, the fact there is another book store near it so the placement is odd and the fact the thought of the wandering shop came to my mind as I looked at it.
I will tell you if I spot it tomorrow.
Title: Re: Time/reality glitch
Post by: blue nikita on September 21, 2012, 06:28:45 PM
When my mobile phone alarm went off yesterday morning i picked up the mobile still pretty sleepy and pressed the screen to shut it off. When i did that a text message appeared from a person i was suppose to meet in 1,5 hours saying that she got called from work and wont be able to make it to our meeting if we can reschedule for tomorrow. I was glad coz i could go back to sleep instead of getting up.
After another hour I finally got up, checked my emails and there was an email from the same person asking if am still coming for the meeting? I was confused so i checked my mobile for her sms and it was not there. Naturally I though that I have dreamed the part about her sms coz apparently she never sent any and the meeting was on.  Unfortunately I was already late for the meeting so I made an excuse and asked her to meet the next day same time. Still I could not get the sms out of my head the whole day coz it seemed very real.
The next day (today) in the morning my alarm went off again same time, i switched it off and guess what I had the EXACTLY same sms and this time it was for real, meaning this time she actually sent the sms. This time the sms "stayed". Meaning I have read that text message exactly 24 hours before it was actually sent and 24 hours before the actual event (her being called for work and cancelling our meeting) have happened FOR REAL.

Now am very rational and logical person and this trully freaks me out, Im totally unable to make any sense out of it. I´ve been searching the net for people with similar experiences but i cannot find anything. This is not deja vu, because i have seen 24  hours ahead and not something that already happened. Its like if  a time had relapsed or there is a glitch in this reality. Am either developing some kind of psychic ability or there is an actual GLITCH IN A MATRIX or am living in a Truman Show - like world. Im not going crazy nor am hallucinating. Can anybody think of any rational explanation to this situation...
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Post by: GoddessLilith on September 25, 2012, 09:01:44 AM
I've never had anything like thatt. But i can tell people when they are about to be called over by someone like 5 minutes before they call them. And i was at my friends house and i had a dream that my mother got lost on the way to come get me. but instead of her getting lost. me, my cousin, and his fiance got lost on the way back to my house. And i predicted that my bf was going to break up before it happened and i had dreams where me and my best guy friend in the whole world dated. and that happened a few weeeks later.>.< It freaks me out sometimes. My friend calls me a witch and gave me a ring from a person that was a witch(she did the potions and everything).
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Post by: BinaryRecoil on February 24, 2013, 02:33:22 PM
So, I just witnessed something extremely awkward. I did a search & this thread was the first result of the search for "Reality Glitch".
 Since it was someone asking of previous experiences, I'll tell of 3 moments where I've believed we're actually in a virtual construct & not particularly "reality".
It was quite some time ago, probably 2003 or 2004. I used to have a nice 91' Chevy SS with a Camaro engine in it. It was just before sunset, right about 6:30 pm & wasn't a daylight savings time day. (I know because after the even I made sure to check). I drove about a mile & 1/2 up the road, picked up one of my closest friends back then & came back to the house. We had already decided on the way to my house we we're going up the highway to check out the selection of games at the local Kmart. I was 16 or 17 back then & Extremely OCD about keeping exact time of things, so I remember that it was right at 6:53 when I told my parents I was leaving & we departed. I had been driving that truck for hours everyday at that time, and had gotten into a pattern of shifting gears in the same spots/hills on the roads as I drove & had been trying to establish exact amounts of time it took me to get everywhere I went.
 So we get to Kmart & I go to the back and use the restroom as my friend goes on to the video game section. I get out & meet up with him, he's already been looking and gotten bored. So I flash through what they have as fast as I can (Noticing they had Legends of Dragoon for $10.00 & deciding when I had it to spare, that was going to be mine for the third time- as the other 2 copies were stolen).  I walk down the isles of the south side of the store & find him looking through the camping gear, and we leave. I never noticed that the sun had been perpetually setting across this entire time- just sitting on the horizon, to content with driving. I loved that truck too much I suppose. So we get back to my house, which was (I don't live there anymore) a good 25 minutes from the Kmart- doing 5 over the speed limit exactly, the whole trip. The look on my parents faces is the first thing I notice as I get inside, they look utterly astonished. My mother asks, "Did you forget something?". I replied no, I just didn't find anything I wanted at Kmart. Then she asks "Did you FLY there?" laughing at me.
I looked at the clock & it's 6:44 pm. Almost 10 minutes before I had left.
My friend didn't notice & the sun actually set about 25 minutes after that.

A few weeks go by, & I can't get it out of my head. I can't stop trying to figure out what happened. So I tell him, we're going to repeat what happened. I force him to ride the bus home, just like he did that day & tell him to just keep himself busy. That I'm going to leave to pick him up when the sun begins to set. The sun didn't start setting in the same timeframe, but I chose to leave at 6:45. I returned to my house, being as careful as possible to hit the same gears & same RPM's that I had hammered into myself across months of driving. We get back to my house and I tell my parents that I'm going to Kmart to look for games again, my mother laughs at me- still thinking I hadn't actually gone the previous time I'd said it. We leave at almost 7:04pm, I remember hearing the second hand tick, as I was in nervous anticipation.  I honestly felt like it wasn't going to happen again, that I'd botched it from the get go. From leaving at the wrong time to missing a gear 3 separate times before I even made it to the highway. Then traffic slowing me down, I was certain I had failed to properly repeat my experiment. I still followed through with going to the restroom & just waiting. Averaging out how long I was in it the previous time & then heading towards the games. This time I purchased Legends of Dragoon, it was an incredible game (regardless that once I got near the end I could never use my characters full power, i just couldn't land the critical hits correctly). So we leave Kmart, and now certain that I'd botched it- I just surrendered to enjoying the drive back.
 I get back home & as I'm pulling into my old dirt/gravel driveway, it hits me that it's still daylight where the sun should be gone by then. That something is very off, again. So I tear a path down my 1/8th of a mile driveway at 80 MPH and leave a good 50 foot stretch of gravel torn out of it from having to stop so quickly when I get back to the old house. I remember thinking "Crap my grandmother is going to come out and scream at me, I just pelted the mailbox with gravel!" My friend is frantic, he can tell that something just hit me with urgency. I jump out of the truck, grab the bag and Run as hard as I can back to the house. I get inside & look at the clock. It's 6:57pm. My mother's still standing in the Kitchen, this time with a look of complete shock on her face. I said "How long was I gone?" She said, "I didn't think you left the driveway!" I hold up the mini-bag & say, "I know, but this time I have proof."
 My friend doesn't remember either of these moments. I'm 26 now & he'll be turning 26 in a month, but he now has extreme memory problems. He can barely remember high school now.

Now the incident that happened a good 40 minutes ago. I went outside to smoke a cigarette, nothing awkward at all. I look up the road & see a black Toyota Tundra driving up the road. As it gets closer I can hear another car coming in the distance. The truck drives behind the neighbors house (as his house restricts my view of the road), but when it returns to view on the other side of his house it's now a grey Crown Victoria. I raised my eyebrow in astonishment, and continued to smoke. The next car, that I had heard, comes into view. It's a white camry, and it passes my neighbors house without changing shape or color.
Now I'm here honestly wondering; since this thread is so old, will anyone ever even read this? Regardless, this is only the 3rd time I've recounted passing through what I can best describe as a "4th dimensional fold" in the fabric of reality (after years of research).
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Post by: Jake on February 24, 2013, 02:57:46 PM
First thing that popped into my head after reading this was an old (1984/85) Stephen King short story, called "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut." The wiki plot summary (no copyright restriction):

David, friend of a caretaker named Homer, is an older man who is spending his later years hanging out at the local gas station in a small town. He narrates a tale about Mrs. Todd, who is obsessed with finding shortcuts. Homer admires her persistence but begins to have doubts, as there are only so many shortcuts someone can find. Mrs. Todd's habit of resetting her odometer shows remarkable evidence that something weird is going on. He also discovers evidence that her shortcuts are taking fewer miles than are in a straight line between the trip origin and its destination, something that would be impossible in reality. Mrs. Todd compares the shortcuts to folding a map to bring two points closer together, suggesting she has discovered a warped version of reality, like a worm hole...

Fictional version aside, I saw a very good BBC tv science show (part of the Horizon series) called "What Is Reality." I think its still available on YouTube or a few other similar sites. Anyway, the part that fascinated me was the theory that this universe we think of as real is actually just a hologram, "a mere representation of another universe, a shadow of the realm where real events take place..."

One of the 'evidences' that physicists are looking for to determine if this is actually the case is the existence of glitches, "fluctuations" and 'scaled up' ripples. There is now an experiment at Fermilab using a laser inteferometer holometer seeking to detect a glitch.

On a much larger scale, one can't help wondering about these time glitches/shifts that people report and their possible connection to that notion of a hologram universe...