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I came across this little devil in the cryptid files here at Monstrous. The description is quiet like a beast that I have heard about sence I was a child. And the area of most of the sightings are just north east of my area.   Coments of any sort are welcome. I'm just honered that a site of this magnitude would notice something so close to my area.

Thank you for posting the link L.G.    Well, I have heard many stories of a creature very much like this one, but I will start with the ones I feal are most credible. An older friend of mine told me when he was a child he saw a creature much like this killing chickens in a henhouse behind his home. He said at a later date he saw it crossing a field just across from a cemetary between his and my brothers house(which he used to visit often) many other people in the area say they have seen it. The descriptions vary some but everyone agrees that it is large, white and can stand upright, and makes a howel simalar to a woman screaming in destress.

That just sounds like something I would run away from, especially the howl like a woman's scream in distress. You have got to post if you ever have a sighting yourself Ravin.

Lol. Your exactly right.   I've been hoping to see this thing for years. Considering the amount of time I've spent in the woods in the areas where people say theyve seen it, I was starting to think it was dead or never existed. Acording to the article maybe it just relocated.

I just feel reading the information on sheepsquatch and he his traits of this creature in southern texas. It would take chickens and kill them. Would you also make stranger sounds and noises. Only thing different about our creature our is hairless.


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