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Insects, mammals... Nature's battles happen for a number of reasons; survival depends on the ability to overpower, hunt better, or make a better impression.

Hornet vs. ______ 

Alright, so Asian Hornets ( Japanese Hornets - a nightmare for anyone allergic ) are some of the nastiest I've seen yet. For instance, 30 of these killers will massacre 30,000 European HoneyBees. 

( I was gonna type all this stuff out, but I found videos!!! Exciting!! )

But against a Japanese Honeybee... the Hornets don't luck out so well.

Ive seen that documentary, lil beez rock heavy!

No joke! Pretty bad ass little things.

Giant Hornet vs. Praying Mantis!

Kind of hoping the mantis would get the meal on that one, but neither were anywhere near as brutal as those bees :-oNo idea those things could beat something like that without stinging once.

I'm all forms of excited about this topic. I have so many things to share  *<:) ... I Had to start it off with something amazing though.

When I first saw something about this, I figured it'd be something like that! Bees can only sting once, Hornets can sting multiple times, etc. Y'know, something along those lines.

Can you imagine getting stung by one of those things though?


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