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Encounters, Phobias? ( The Strange, the Scary... the Wonderful )

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I saw the potential for opening this thread up, so I figured I'd go ahead and do so!

Got a Phobia of a Creepy Crawly, or Giant Man Eating RAWR Monster type thingy?
How about an Experience that stuck with you?

I wanna know!

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--- Quote from: Nina on October 17, 2011, 03:33:45 AM ---Snakes though... ermm, i can look at them, but dont ask of me to touch any. Seriously.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Countess on October 15, 2011, 01:44:43 PM ---I feel the same way about jellyfish & as far as I am concerned every single one could vanish & it would be a better world.

--- End quote ---

Im terrified of spiders but there's no real reason for, no encounter I can think of that triggered it-I just jump six feet in the air if I see one -I think it's because they are silent

Sorry, but the only thing that terrifies me are heights lol. Sad, but true.

Was in Mexico napping on the couch at my cousin's place, woke up because I felt something on my hand. When I looked down it was some spider with a bulbous abdomen. Freaked me out but it didn't bite me or anything.

Well, it doesn't have to be something that scares you V.  :-P

I've had quite a few encounters with animals that I find amazing.

Ok this is an emcounter that some might find a little strange-I have 3 dogs 2 of them are rescues from the street-one of them (Little Sam) Ive raised since we found him abandoned as a pup will get in the shower with me-I had to start taking him in the bathroom with me when he was a puppy I was afraid my other dogs might hurt him and that's how it started


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