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So, there didn't really seem to be a topic for just Member's modifications, hair styles, clothing preferences, etc. Questions of Goth, Industrial all over the place though.
So... what are yours? Something you don't have, that you want??

I've mentioned mine in another topic, and a couple other members have mentioned theirs.
Ear mod and Hair dye for one ( which I still wanna see! :-D )

EDIT: Removed

I had a piercing but took it out, posted why in some other topic. Got a tatt on my left side of the back, Sun and the Moon ;) Moon looking a bit wicked O:) Life scars dont count, or do they?

Well, if you think of them as a Modification I guess. It's not something you've done to yourself on purpose ( or have you?  8-) ) but if it's something you'd show off, sure.

Like... I wouldn't go into detail about some of my other scars, but my encounters scars are pretty wicked.  :-D


--- Quote ---It's not something you've done to yourself on purpose
--- End quote ---

Maybe :roll:

Industrial in left ear, snake bites, bridge.

Full color back piece showing my inner struggle. Continuation of that on my right arm, chest and ribs.

Did the superman at the last suspension party i went to. Teteo was there, did lotus suspension!

That's it for now.


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