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Meet the White Widow,

The lesser known amongst the various genus in which instills so much fear amongst countless.

They have also, apparently, been found in the Western United States...and I assume such is the reason behind the variation in the coloration of the legs. (Yellowish and Translucent Gray) The variation most likely depending upon the region in which they're living. Pretty no?

Ooh Pretty.

Pretty sweet. For a spidey xD

Indeed so!

I'm particularly fond of the darker legged variation. Pity they don't possess a black hourglass...would have made them sheer perfection.

I find myself wondering if cross breeding is a possibility.

I know that the Hesperus can, on rare occasions, have a white hourglass. A Black Widow with white hourglass would be quite lovely as well.

really? that's the white widow? I encountered what I thought was a white widow in the summer, it had a hot pink shape on its abdomen with patterns like white wings and black dots. anyway here's a pic. i found it strange that it showed up cuz i asked the universe for help with the earwigs (i was hit by car and couldnt get them off my plants) and this little fella, she would stick them to the front of the leaf after sucking them dry O_o haha weird


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