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Creature on My Roof


Okay so this happened twice about five or six years ago. The first time I was living in my old house and my friend Josh and I were sitting on the front porch when we heard scratching on the roof. When we looked up we saw this big black thing looking down at us. It had red dim glowing eyes and it was either hunched over or had no head. That's the best way I can describe it. It reminded me of the Mothman. Then it just scurried away making scratching noises as it went out of view.

The second time my friend, Aj, and I were sitting on the side of the house talking then he heard something on the roof and when he looked up he screamed like a little girl. And when I looked up I saw the same creature that Josh and I had seen. Then it scurried away making the same scratching noises.

I live in Illinois but I've heard that the mothman has been sighted in more places than just Point Pleasant. It in fact really reminded me of the mothman. They way it looked and such What do you think it was? I'm not sure what to think. I haven't seen anything like it since.

  It was too unusually big to be an animal I can think of. Except one of my friends thought it could have been a panther. They have been spotted around here in Illinois.. But only deep in the woods. I've never heard one where I lived but I heard them when we went camping a few towns over. But anyways, how and why would a panther be on my roof in the middle of a big town? twice! We also went around the house looking around..with big sticks lol, but we didn't see anything. I've never seen one around here. Plus it didn't really look like a panther at all to me, the way it looked headless and such. I guess it could be a possibly though, just seems kind of out there but I guess the creature was out there too lol

Alot of those kinds of sightings have something to do with warnings don't they? Perhaps its guarding you? Have you had anything else strange happen?

...if I recall rightly, the mothman doesn't appear to shy away from contact with humans; that is to say, that those individuals who have encountered the creature have often reported being chased or followed by the mothman. The creature you encountered appears to have been quick to make its escape once it realised you were aware of its presence.

I'm not familiar with the wildlife of Illinois (I'm from the UK)...but you say there are panthers in the is highly possible that if an animal, such as a panther, was injured and thereby unable to hunt effectively, then it may travel to an area where it is able to scavenge easily...such as a town.

If it's playing the violin and singing about "tradition", I wouldn't worry about it. :D

Hunter of the night:
So If I'm understanding this right the creature that you've see is at the same location? What time of day was it? You say it was black and had dim red eye. Did you notice the shape of the creature. I mean we can assume that it has some form of claw since you can here the scratching noise as it runs out of sight. If you could give me more details I would be glad to investigate and see what I can come up with


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