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I'm pretty sure I'm psychic... To some extent.


So for at least a few years I have been noticing situations that have come to fruition which I have dreamed about before. Usually I notice some small or specific detail and it just clicks and I very vividly remember having a dream of that moment. I was literally just playing Katawa Shoujo and I'm now having tea with Lily and Hanako and I looked at Lily's dress and remembered having a dream about it. Anyway I'm kinda repeating myself so what kinda psychic does this make me? Does it make me psychic? Can I get better? I have displayed other "psychic" abilities mostly related to precognition. Like anticipating something moments before it happens or thinking of a song moments before it plays on the radio. Anyway any help constructive input is welcome. (Also, it's been awhile! If you don't remember me it's probably good because I'm very different... well sorta.)


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