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white peacock feathers and how dreams work for me


So i'm finally remembering my dreams, especially those that have a strong message for my life, the dream from last night turned out to be better then i thought.

I was to be married to a hindu prince, having decided and told him i did not want to be married but joyfully found a better girl that would be more suited for him and deserving of the life of a princess, he handed me a gift of white peacock feathers and some black ones, not sure what the black ones were, but here's what i found for the peacock symbolism.


the black feathers are more hard to pin down, because there are so many and they didn't really stand out like a peacock feather does but it would seem that the dream had some serious spiritual undertones that would suggest christianity is the right path for my spirituality, since the dream was indian/hindu based i'm looking at the meanings as they pertain to hindu mythology

  Black feathers give the mystical wisdom that comes with true spiritual initiation. they also offer protection, and repelling negative energy.
 Corresponds to the 1st or root chakra, and the musical note C."

It was a good dream and other details were more like a journey through, i guess life, so reviewing all the symbols i came across, i suppose it was a way of my subconscious letting me know it's okay i don't want to settle down, i have luck, love and protection of my spiritual energies, the physical world around me understands and accepts that and i still retain the favor of gods, as in hindu myth most black birds are associated with their patheon.  :D

any other ideas would be interesting on what this dream symbolised. 


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