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Herbs and anything else that create lucid dreaming and dream recall


mun bee:

I just wanted to know if anyone is aware of any herbs or other substances (legal of course)  that induce lucid dreaming and memory recall?  I tend to forget my dreams altogether or the important parts of them  soon after I awake.  Any suggestions are welcome.

lavender tends to be good for all sleeping desires,


To do the lucid dreaming, you need to find a "dream friend" it's something that's always in your dreams, when you encounter it your mind registers it's just a dream and part of you conscious stirs allowing you to take control.

Mine's a house, as soon as i see the house and the lake it's always around, i know it's a dream. It's a fascinating house full of all sorts of traps that seem to trap the dream figures that represent issues in my life that my sub conscious manifests as, usually zombies if it's from my past, aliens if they're from my present and the usual psycho killer for the unknown problems. Lucid dreaming is a fun talent, but you have to work on remembering your dreams first, a good dream journal will contain all the info you need on keeping track of your dreams and eventually you can work out what symbolizes what, according to you life.


I learned about it in high school psychology, but i had an awesome psych teacher who i still frequently see around town. He instilled a love of psychology in me and even now i attribute my ability to deal with difficult people in my real life to him. Once you start understanding how and why the human mind operates you can start to understand how it affects everything in your life.


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