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Is Your Friend A Fey? Can You Help?

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Is there any way to tell if one of your closest friends is a faerie? Maybe one of your classmates or coworkers? I just found out very recently that one of my best friends is only half faerie. Her mother is a mortal. Now if anyone could please tell me if they've ever had any encounters with any of their friends part of the Fey, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I've been having strange dreams lately. Ones of dancing and drinking wine, and laughing. I know this shouldn't sound weird to people who don't believe in the Fey, but I've felt a strange presence. My family has been feeling it too. Something, or someone has been watching, following, and prodding me. If you have had anything I've just told you happen to you, that would be very kind of you. I feel like the only one out there who knows they have a half Fey friend.

Well what I want to know, is if they are safe to be around. My friend acts like a normal person sometimes, but her and her mother confirmed her being half fey. Is there any danger in being around a half faerie?

i have multiple friends who claim to be the same, and no they are not dangerous, but ive noticed that around people who are fae or part fae they are paranormal magnates. Ghosts are most common many claim demons are after them but ive not noticed one demon. most ppl cannot tell the difference from a  ghost, a evil or just mean spirit and a demon. but anywho, no not dangerous as far as i know. hope this helps.

Its another common Christian idea that has been implanted in society today, that all spirits and ghosts must be "evil and out to get you" and Hollywood doesn't help.

completely off-topic since my fae are everything but my forte... but FeyWatcher... Don't double post, just edit your first post if need be...


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