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Ok, for the past couple of years now, two wolves have followed me everywhere I go. I see them out of the corner and when I look for more that a second, they dissipate or just plain vanish. There's a white one and a black one. If anyone knows anything that might help in the slightest, please reply or message me.

They could be spiritual guides or guardians. They always live around the corner of your sight and guide you through times in your life.

They follow my friend Gabe around the woods all the time.
And he hates wolves and would like to shoot them if he could.
They're just curious animals

These aren't juat animals. Most people can't see them, but at one point, one of my friends could. He and I are no longer in contact nor are we friends. But these wolves are literally everywhere I go, redfan.

leon abel trueheart:
do you ever have dreams where you are looking at one or both of them and yourself from a third person view? and if so are there some sort of conversation between both parties?


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