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What does these dreams mean?


Dream 1:I first dreamed that I was in a home video with some of my dead family members. They looked really mad at me, and my dead grandpa attacked me. I was surprised. He told me to tell nobody that he saw me, and if he did, he'd kill me. I told someone in my dream. He killed me in it. It looked so real where I was. I was at a house where I was as a child. I woke up crying.

Dream 2: I dreamed that my sister that I'm very close to, ran me over. (Not the same sister from next dream.)

Dream 3: This I dreamed last night. I dreamed that I was in a different house. It was really scary. My Mom was there with me, and my Dad. My Mom said she remembers something that can help get us out. It was some object that I cannot remember. My Dad insisted we stay. I didn't want to, nor did my Mom. Some guy; I'm assuming he was REALLY EVIL, walked into us, and screamed. I ran out the door of my house. There was snow everywhere. I was assuming since it actually snowed outside of the dream, that this was real. It felt so REAL. I saw 2 cars. My sisters, and one that I can't remember. My sisters car was calm. I walked up to it and got into it. (Remember that this was still in my driveway) I assumed since that got into the other car, it'd be scary and wrong, because I can only remember the other car being scary and wrong. My sister has 3 kids. Her baby was in a carseat and I was sitting in the back with him. They were using the Air Conditioner, it was weird since it was freezing outside. It felt like it was really blowing on me in real life. Like I was actually there. She started up the car, I couldn't get out. She started laughing and cussing at me. I was crying because I know her as a guardian, and she never is mean to me like that, nor cusses at me. I cursed back, but when I did, everything turned normal for a second. She asked her husband. "Why is he saying that," and I immediately felt really bad. Then it went back to the car. I got out and I was still at my house. My sister followed me into it. My mom was cooking something. It was extremely hot, Like lava, and she tried to get in it, like to burn herself. I grabbed her out and dove into it, and woke up.


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