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Calling all spirits!

If your house is haunted or you have experienced what you believe to be paranormal activity in your home, would like to share your story.

If you believe your house to be haunted, leave us a message in this section or send an email to Loki:

For serious cases, will send a Watcher, a person mentally and physically trained to investigate and cope with ghosts, spirits, poltergeists or other spooking entities lurking about.

The story will be made public, with your approval, in the columns of and other media that would be interested. already works with National Geographic and Sci-Fi Channel.

Looking forward to hearing from your ghost stories,

Loki for Monstrous

I live in New Zealand in a turn of the century villa (built about 1903),  I have a friend who is a medium from the UK who came over to visit earlier this year, and who said tht she could not relax int he house because of the spirits all around her.  Now, I do believe in ghosts, and both of my children have seen something in the house.  We have woken to find a young man stood either at the end of the beds or at the side of the beds on numerous occassions, children have been heard late at night running up and down the hallway, whe my own children have been fast asleep.  Our cats have freaked out when something has moved past them.

THrough my friend, she has identified at least five different spirits, although now appears to have gone.  Whilst she was here, in my daughters bedroom, there was a heavy oppressing presence. The room was also icy cold, when the rest of the house was warm.  I had a maori elder bless the room and since then, the room has warmed up and my daughter sleeps well at night now.

We have found out since then that a young man committed suicide in the room about 25 years ago but the presence in the room was heavier and more malevolent than I have know before from a suicide haunting.

I am still researching the house's history and will keep you up to date as to what I find.

In the meantime, we live in harmony with the spirits that are here.  Makes you a bit jumpy at night sometimes when you say excuse me to someone and realise that the living are all asleep and that the person you are speaking to is see through!


Just here recently I have noticed dark shadow like shapes from the hallway to the bedroom

Dark enought to dim the lighting from the hallway, just a dark form that is pretty much doing the same thing over and over

Gets cold before and after it happens :-o

Maaark... I'm sure the Doc told you only ONE of those little pink pills a day, right?

Seriously though, that sounds both spooky and awesome! I do kind of miss living in an area with large amounts of supernatural phenomena going on. Keep us updated, ok?


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