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 Well... this seems to be my Section to control (insert evil laugh here.) .. Just kidding. I'm really hoping that this section takes off enough that we end up with our own board. Until then, I'm going to start with one thread dedicated to Nightmares so that you get Immediate assistance. Any other dreams, or discussions you'd like to have, post as you will. Please remember to check the previous posts to make sure you aren't reposting a topic. And as always.. obey the Monstrous rules.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me.

 Check out this site for help and inspiration on topics to discuss.


Welcome to this new section on the Monstrous forum. Monsters can be dreamt too  <^>

congrates kadesh your a mod now

Well, I'll put some of my dream stuffs here, but don't say i didn't warn you.

 No need to warn anyone, we all have eff'd up dreams at times. But not everyone has the courage to bring it to the light of day. <^>


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