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I have a lot of experience with lucid dreaming, as I imagine a lot of others on this site would also have.

To put it basically, lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming and then, inside that dream, actually become fully aware or concious of the fact you are dreaming. Many would have experienced this in this first basic form, maybe without realising the real power of being in this state. You can train yourself to do just about anything while in this lucid dreaming state. I am reminded of my early childhood, at the age of 7, where I had a series of lucid dreams every night for two weeks in which I was trained by some unseen concious force how to fly in my dreams. Now, in my dreams, if I encounter a difficult situation or have simply had enough of the dream I am in, I can simply fly off somewhere else any time I want. Whether that is for a kilometre or so, around the world, into space in our universe or even to fly to different levels of reality. This is but one small example of the power of lucid dreaming, giving you ultimate control in any dream situation. When you develop this ability, nightmares become a thing of the past, there are only dreams. If it is a good dream that you like, you can stick around and enjoy it to it's fullest as you are "awake" or concious in the dream, so have full control over what you do. And of course, if it is a dream you do not particularly care for, you can simply fly off and do something else, or take any number of actions to change the nature of your dream.

I have started this thread for the discussion of this topic, as well as for members who may wish to seek advice on developing their own powers of lucid dreaming.


 Brilliant Idea, Vivid!! I want to know how to get out of my nightmares! They're always twisted and the only thing I can ever really remember is that they're trying to kill me. (My ex-hubby and one other person I know... the others are just 'them'.)

I can usually take charge of my dreams, but I let them play out sometimes without my interference because I'm just that way.  However, when things get bad I tend to think,"Hey, I'm totally dreaming now.  Let's get outta here!" and change things at will or something.  Sometimes I can't change things (typically when I am being attacked in a dream or something for some reason) so I wake myself up.

A trick I tend to use if I really want to make sure I have a lucid dream from the beginning, regardless of the dream being good or bad, is to read about it.  I no longer have my book as I gave it away to someone I felt needed it more (but now that bridge is burned so I won't ask her for the title), but at night right before I would go to bed I would read the section about lucid dreams and have that fresh on my brain.  I'm sure there are many different approaches to lucid dreaming, but that is something that helps me.

 Do you remember anything about the book, Dae????

Well, a couple of things I remember them saying I will list below:

1) Note a commonality between all of your dreams, e.g. funky colors, distorted figures, etc., and as you go to sleep say something like, "When I see _____, I will know that I am dreaming" over and over as you go to sleep and it should be in your subconcious that when you see that thing, you are dreaming. 

My commentary:  Hasn't worked for me yet.

2) Test yourself frequently in your waking life for dreams.  You know, testing if something will change at will, or pinching yourself, something like that.  Make it a habit and you will begin to start doing it in your dreams and learn when you are dreaming.

My commentary:  I keep forgetting to try.

I can't remember anything else atm, but I will go see if I can find the title of the book.


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