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Regina Terra:
Tell us all about those critters that just make you warm and fuzzy inside. You can have up to three votes. :laugh:

Regina Terra:
Lol, yeah, I had to vote for mammals too. :laugh:

Reptiles. I can't not love something that is cold-blooded and covered in scales. Plus, snakes, crocodiles, and alligators in particular are deadly and pure intimidation, two of my favorite characteristics.

Regina Terra:
Lol, yep. I LOOOVE snakes and crocodiles. :-D

Crocs are indeed awesome, but when it comes to sheer intimidation and terror, I have to say that sharks have a narrow advantage over them, with this being especially true with white sharks. Afterall, has there ever been a croc movie that is remotely comparable to Jaws? With that said, I have to admit that no matter how terrifying sharks may be, my favourite animal is still a mammal. The Bengal Royal tiger, to be exact. Reigning supreme among felines, this beast is the ultimate combination of power and grace.


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