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rave phillaphia:
well how about we share what kind of 'powers' we might posses. I know I can manipulate the weather and I get along with any kind of animal. I really don't do magic a whole lot but these are just natural talents that I have. I feel more connected to nature that is probably why I can do these things. What about all of you guys? If you don't have any, you might not realize your connection to something or someone, also if you really don't think you have any connections what do you wish you could do. I know I wish I could fly lol but that will never happen, unless I died and was reincarnated as a bird

I know I can manipulate people, kinda affect their minds and all - that works especially cool with girls.
I would wish for the power of pausing the time as much as I wish.

rave phillaphia:
so if you have this power then why did you need the devils help?

I just foolishly assumed I did. And then the power wasn't as strong as it is now. I think it's because I've changed so much, I've become a much more strong and charismatic person. Well, I was a hopeless loser, now I'm a leader.

The power of illusions-not the slight of hand crap either


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