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Erm... I know almost everything in this forum except gothic. Can anyone explain to me what's it about? Is it a fashion or something? I am lazy to go read in wiki or go search in dictionary. Easier if you guys tell me what's it. Thx.  :-D

Originally the name of Germanic tribe, it was used derogatively during the renaissance to describe medieval architecture. During the romantic era, gothic architecture was revived and the term "gothic" was used to refer to novels that combined horror with romance, famous examples being Frankenstein and Dracula. In the 1980s, a type of music emerged from punk called "gothic rock", from which the gothic subculture comes from. Today, the gothic subculture is associated with dark and macabre imagery, horror films and books influenced by gothic literature, "gothic" music ranging from heavy metal to synthpop, and fashion that combines styles like punk, Victorian fashion, BDSM and deathrock.

So any of those things, really.

Ah... Thx for telling me.    :-)

 Aw, Fatass, you spoiled the ending! :-P

 Very interesting to see the roots traced back. I knew about some of them, but didn't realize they were connected to today's 'goth'.

Fatass beat me to it lol


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