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Is flight possible?

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Well we have all seen it in amines, cartoons, T.V., movies, etc. There are people who can fly. I want to know if this is possible. I heard of a story I think it is in the bible of a disciple being challenged. The man challenging him starts to fly in the sky with no external assistance. Then the disciple prays to god to make this man fall and he does. I believe the man was named Salomon (may or may not be the same one who controlled demons) I do not remember the disciple.

Anyway this is one account of a man being able to fly. I have also heard of this in mythology but that was with external help. I am wondering about no external help. Just simply your body and your own effort.

Based on other abilities I have seen flight does not sound so impossible anymore.

So does anyone know where to start? The question is if it is possible then I am wondering because we all will, how do you do it? But I would settle for just seeing validation.

I deem it possible if you are strong enough and have enough chakra, basicly what I would do is the same as telekenis, I would lift myself from the ground by emitting energy around me to push me up. I haven't succeeded yet, I'm still learning to control my energy, but think of it as a paper flying through the sky^^

Considering weight and distance have no effect on the final result of telekinesis, it would be possible, yeah, as long as you can manage such telekinesis.

I think you might be on to something with the telekineses. You train your mind to do multiple things at once. So that you can fly (by using a percentage of a brain power) and use the other percent to think. So that you are not so focused on the flight that you could not enjoy it. Training yourself to multi task would make it applicable to be a usable skill.

Now how does one use telekineses to increase speed? How do you push something harder? Well perhaps I should start with training telekineses before I get this far.

flight IS POSSIBLE. i know because i've done it many times at night when i was dreaming but awake at the same time. i had to find out the weird way though. for example, with one dream i was falling and when i opened my eyes, my whole body was 'bout 3 or 4 inches above my bed and then when i saw that i freaked out and fell on my bed. i mean in my dream it felt so real, and with my sense of touch (consciously), i didn't feel anything below me. but yes in my experiences my mind was clear and awake yet i was dreaming at the same time.

i'd advise u to COMPLETELY clear your mind and to imagine that you're weightless and off the ground with full mediation and focus.


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