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Which Vampire do you like???

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Hi, I'm new here. my name is Rachael. I look forward to meeting some of you. I don't know why, but when I'm new, I allways lik to make a new string. It's kinda a habbit. So, who's your favorite vampire???? I like Dracula! He's a legend. sory i gtg. my dad's home

I like morbius the vampire from spider man!

maggot man:
My favourite fictional vampire would be none other than the famous Lestat De Lioncourt. Ahh,did he have style!

Dracula all the way!!

Yeah. I LOVE Bela! I asked my friend Connor to go on ebay and get me a poster of Bela as Dracula autograhed by Anne Rice. She rocks to, even though I'm not alowed to read her books, I have heard about them, and I think I like them. I also write books, but I only have two books that are true Fiction. one's allready finished and I just need to publish it (along with the rest of my books lol :lol: ) and a nother one that I started a couple of days ago, Scream. I am REALY exited about getting it finished!


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