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Which Vampire do you like???

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my favorite vampire would be amand he is marius' amadio he is allso the most beutiful of vampires known to be the closest thing to the angels.

maggot man:
But also the most deceptive and sly. Next to the brutal honesty of Lestat,he fails to impress. Of course,that's just my opinion.

that queen vamp form, queen of the damned

maggot man:
Ahh,Akasha. The immortal Godess who would have made Lestat her consort. Yeah,she was a compelling character too.

Frank Langella was the most beautiful vampire and Gary Oldman the scariest. Queen of the Darned was like a parody to me, more funny than frightening. The old and original Salem's Lot with David Soul was pretty scary back in the day. The last one was hokey. Of course, no one can say
"Ah, the children of the night....what music They make!" like Bela.
My all time fave vampire was Nicholas of Forever Knight.


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