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VARAN 1958-2004


The movie Varan was made in Japan in 1958 at Toho movie studios the director was Ishiro Honda. The Japanese movie title is Daikaiju Baran in english its GiantMonster Varan. It came to the USA in 1959 titled varan the Unbelievable. The name Varan comes from the word Varanus meaning Monitor Lizard or KomodoDragon. When watching the movie Varan he is called 2 diffrent names in the movie. The 1st name is Baradagi
which is what the native villagers cal him on the island that he lives on. They think of Varan as a God and gave him that name Baradagi. Varan is a prehistoric species of giant lizards called Baran/Varan and the Varan species lived 125 Million years ago. Varans is 50 meters in size and has batlike wings which enables him to flly at 1.5 mach. Varans weighs in at 15000 metric tons. The movie Varan is 87 minutes long and if you watch the movie closely you can see Godzillas Tail in the movie it was stockfootage inserted in the movie. Varan was in a 2nd movie in 1968 titled Destroy All monsters. Varan was 1 of 10 earthmonsters that battled the giant spacemonster Ghidora the 3 headedmonster as well as the Killak Aliens. Varan was also up for a part in GMK Godzilla Mothra Kingghidora a 2001 movie. when toho studios was picking monsters for the movie they picked Godzilla Baragon and Varan and Angilas at the last minute Angilas and Varan were replaced by Mothra and KingGhidora.  However last year Varan was included in Godzilla Final Wars 2004 the 3rd movie Varan has appeared in.


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